ACES & GDCh Symposium

Date: December 10, 2019
Time: 14:00 –18:00
Venue: Room 201DE, Taipei International Convention Center

The Asian Chemical Editorial Society (ACES) and the German Chemical Society (GDCh) invite you to the second ACES & GDCh Symposium as part of the 2019 Asian Chemical Congress.


Martin G. Banwell
Australian National University

Ryoji Noyori ACES Award
Studies in Natural Product Synthesis
– Pathways to Biologically Active Systems

Alois Fürstner
Max-Planck-Institute for
Coal Research

GDCh Lecture
Catalytic Alkyne Chemistry:
New Paradigms and Applications

Xing Yi Ling
Nanyang Technological University

Plasmonic Colloidosomes:
Three-Dimensional Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering Platforms for Reaction Monitoring and Stand-Off In-Air Sensing

Xiaogang Liu
National University of Singapore

Lanthanide-based Nanomaterials:
An Expanding Toolbox for Bioimaging
and Photonic Applications

Kei Murakami
Nagoya University

Catalytic Aromatic Functionalization
Toward Unexplored Functional Molecules

Vivian W.-W. Yam(任詠華)
University of Hong Kong

From Simple Discrete Metal Complexes
to Supramolecular Assembly and Nanostructures

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