Best of the Best Prizes

“Best of the Best Prizes” ChemCompetition

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A competition for “Best of the Best Prizes” has been devised by the Organizing Committee of 2019 Asian Chemical Congress (ACC), inspired by the robust performance of postgraduate students at the 2017 ACC in Melbourne.  The competition aims to provide a platform for chemists to distinguish themselves at an early stage of their professional training.

There are two-stages of competition for the “Best of the Best Prizes”, which comprise poster and then oral presentations.  “The Best Prize” is set to the winners in the poster competition. “Best of the Best Prize” is set to the winners both in the poster and oral competitions.  This program aims to encourage postgraduate and undergraduate students to attend Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) and present their outstanding scientific work.  Through recognition of awardees, many students will be inspired to study chemical sciences.

For enrollment, all of the contestants are required to register to attend the 2019 ACC with registration fee of USD250.  Abstract and recommendation letter should be submitted online via the Online Submission System before July 31, 2019 September 30, 2019.  Each contestant must prepare a poster with his/her name as the first author and the research advisor as the last co-author.

The initial judging process is by poster presentation.  The best 30 posters from members of Federation of Asian Chemical Societies and 10 best posters from non-member areas will be selected in the finalist of “Best of the Best Prizes” ChemCompetition.  Each of them will be awarded a “The Best Prize” diploma and USD50 from 2019 ACC.  Subsequently, the final judging process is by oral presentation. The 40 poster finalists will be asked to deliver a 3-min oral presentation plus 1-min Q&A.  The 10 finalists with the best oral presentation scores will be honored during the Closing Ceremony of 2019 ACC and awarded a “Best of the Best Prize” diploma and an additional USD100 from 2019 ACC.